Ozark Special Boneless Pork Loin Roast by Thumb Horak

10 lb. pork loin roast
1 large T. salt
1 large T. black pepper
1 large T. Italian seasoning
3 T. sugar
garlic powder
fennel seed
dill seed
parsley flakes

Basting sauce:
1 pint vinegar and oil
1 cup white
cooking wine
tabasco sauce to taste
First, bone out a pork loin, then lay flat on table or block. Sprinkle salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and brown sugar from one end of loin to other. Then sprinkle parsley flakes to make loin look like a green lawn.
Roll pieces together and tie really tight.
Put on a rotisserie or bake in oven until thermometer reads 170° in the center.
Baste as it cooks. (NOTE: The original recipe in the book doesn't say what to do with the basting sauce, but I'm guessing it is for basting the pork while it is cooking. Duh!)