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Full Page 4 x 6 5 x 7

1 8-oz. package cream cheese
ginger marmalade (I can't give you exact quantities, but I use almost a cup of marmalade.)
curry powder
2 T. finely chopped pecans

Take cream cheese out of refrigerator to allow to soften slightly. Place in dish you are planning to serve it in.
Mix ginger marmalade with curry powder. I taste until I think there is enough curry. Mix in about 2 large tablespoons pecans finely chopped.
Spoon marmalade mixture over cream cheese.

Unknown serving size
Keywords: Middle Eastern, appetizers   Category: Appetizers    Cookbooks: Carl and Hugh
Recipe by Mildred Mills     Added: February 02, 2007 by deebeeeff     Last Updated: February 11, 2007
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